Who thinks that American Football is better than Soccer?

If anyone thinks that soccer is the best and most fun watched sport You Can burn in Hell because American Football is Hard Hitting and More fun to watch overall.

A funny quote…

"I’m gonna throw this knife between the crack of your Ass."

– The Nutty Professor
Lord Dups76 if you are from Britian it is cool you don’t like american football but the thing is it doesn’t suck and soccer is a pansy sport.

you cant compare apples and oranges so why try this both have lots of wonderful attributes

Good cross country T shirt quotes?

Preferably something funny, or inspirational. =] Thanks!!

Also, we have to come up with a song/dance for our fall sports assembly…any ideas?

cross country is a mental sport
and were all insane

Doesn’t anyone else find this funny?

James Watson the man famous for supposedly discovering the structure of DNA, believes that black people are in general dumber than white people, this is because they have "smaller brains" as their bodies are built for athletic purposes and not really problem solving or using logic. He is often quoted as saying things like, black people should just stick to sports and music. I find it funny that his IQ is a 124, which is good but not higher than the African American named Philip Emeagwali. Philip’s IQ is 190. Now imagine if all black people listened to Watson’s advice and stopped learning and going to school! We would have missed out on a Philip Emeagwali! This man obviously has no idea what he is talking about! I know he claims that the "average" black person is dumb, and that Philip Emeagwali is an exception, but the truth is he doesnt really know what he is talking about and his evidence is weak and he obviously has prejudices. Who else thinks its funny?

Then they found out that Watson was actually black.

What is the funniest quote by a professional athlete?

in any sport
You have to tell me the person and the quote, by the way.
Plus can you say the exact phrasing. I mean say it exactly how it was quoted.

Reggie White was talking about how smart that Chinese people are and said "they can turn a TV into a watch!"

do we want a united unity?mithts/religion/tales/stories/quotes/politics/all in the book of life / ?

so what do we really want? the mith? the stories? the hobbit in lord of the rings ?wihch is for the none be-lievers a tale to read because of its wisdom and inocence and its truth / or tales like child stories the boogyman still exsist ? are they real or are they needed? or quotes like to be or not to be a sence of intelectual meaning? or religion cristianity muslims judism budism what do we want and what do we eally stand for?? are you willing to give your life for that? or fight for your rights? what you believe in?( religiously/ tale political stories or if i missed out well u fill in yourselves is it just a bit of everything ? i personal think its a bit of everything not to take to seriously not to make it world news .. just a bit a little bit of everything the wise man sayed …my wise man is n heaven now its my dad.. for years he did say things that mathers to me now important things makes sence..only now i know what he ment i am not scared any more a wish i had listened to him before he died ..he was a is the one i admire my hero he never asked/ he never showed grief he never was miserable always happy never thought he could die he had cancer was gone in a month..crawling to the door .. that was his end..dying in a hospital stil happy cos the food was so good he could choose what to eat! i was the last person he saw keeping him cool with ice lollys on his lips .. he saw the most afwul things under drugs bugs crawling on the walls ..what a way to come to your end eh? i am so mad so angry i wasnt there i wasnt aware much sooner ok i was there but i had a still have so much to lurn my dad never talked but when he did it all made sence?..he was a engineer a inventor a einstein of the 1990 also had many reward in sports.. he did everything and i didnt know he was what i know now after his death a super man pappa ik how van you in english daddy i love you & i am sorry i didnnt understand but i do now. i lurned my lesson .. i hope you can see that a its not to late i know you can see me when the magpies are in the trees in the back garden in the highest i know you there.. i just know ..the pictures i took on your grave has a lot of orbs circles of light every picture is full with it mum doesnt talk to me any more ..i guess it was to much for her she should now better being the first woman to marrie a woman in the world.. funny things are going i am on uni being a student architect.. working aswell as a receptionist on a architects office..l i love you dad ,..i miss you so much ..you not here any more that doesnt mean you forgotten .. you couldnt be more alive than ever before.. xx your doughter you are my precious lord of the rings.. xx night daddy/pappa

(NO); we Do (NOT) want a united unity as related to mithts/religion/tales/stories/quotes/politics/all in the book of life !

How Should a Man dress?

Which of the clothes are "okay" for a young man (20s-30s) to wear? I personally think guys should not wear these:

– band tshirts (emo, rock bands, beatles, 50 cent, etc)
– "funny quotes" tshirts (anchorman, the office, etc)
– sports jerseys (but not at sporting events)
– jeans where the bottoms have completely worn off

??? anything else guys shouldn’t wear ???

Is my attire suitable for my age? (21)

-fingerless gloves
-ball caps
-(actually…all sports wear should be worn ONLY WHEN PARTICIPATING IN SPORTS)
-white wash jeans
-wife beater (nothing grosses me out than some hot shot in a wife beater..dude, we get it, you did arms this morning, fucking CHILL OUT)

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Quotes from movie/song for sport t-shirt?

Any good quotes that we can put on the back of my teams t-shirt that are fun and creative?

depending on what sport i would say….”never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game" from cinderella story

how funny is this quote?

"I like Peter. I’ve signed him several times and he’s a top player," Redknapp told Sky Sports News.

talking of Peter Crouch, he apparently is interested in signing him AGAIN!

OQ. Finish the sentence…..

Harry Redknapp has managed more teams than i’ve had …………….