i don’t know what to do regarding soccer. stay or quit? advice needed?

ok so i am kinda yes and no about quitting soccer. i am 16 years old and have been playing soccer since i was in second grade. i know this is long but please read this and bare with me 🙂

so i am about to start my junior year in high school and the soccer season is going to start in september. i have been playing on my high school varsity soccer team since i was a freshman. but ever since then i have stopped enjoying soccer. i no long want to play. when i was a freshman all the girls were mean and they made each game seem more like work than recreational. my sophomore year was better since all those girls were gone. i thought it would all be good again. however i still did not want to play anymore. i also really dislike the coach. looking back, before high school i was so good at soccer. i easily dribbled in and out of players and scored lots of goals. many people thought i was one of the best. in one season i scored 15 goals. but now i have only scored 3 goals in two years. i am no longer thought of as really good like i used to be.

i think i am not doing so well, because i am not motivated and i think i lost the passion i had for soccer. it has become more of a misery to go.

i have contemplated quiting for a while but have not for some reasons. i feel as if i was able to get some motivation and passion back that i would be a good player again. but then sometimes i feel as if i can not force inspiration or motivation, that is supposed to come to me.

when i watch soccer games and think of scoring goals and making great passes i want to continue playing. but then i think of how the past seasons have gone so bad and it makes me want to stop.

i know that there is no way that i would regret quitting, but that i might regret staying. but what if i actually do good this season? I AM SO CONFLICTED.

so used to be MY LIFE. i revovled around soccer. everyone used to know me as the soccer player, but now all of that has changed.

what do you think i should do? should i stay in soccer or should i quit? and how shold i tell my coach if i do decided to quit. should it be by email or is it better in person?

right now i am playing in a summer practice league type of thing with the varsity school team. we have a short game on thursday i was thinking of playing this game and seeing how that goes. should i do that?

also if i were to quit, should i practice one last time and then tell my coach after the practice?

take up jogging

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  1. You are so ready to quit. I wish you would quit tomorrow. You dont enjoy it and years from now it wont matter if a person played or not. Its time for you to move on to something more beneficial to your education and career planning. Maybe youd like tennis or swimming for a change or maybe no sports and do some volunteer work. Tell your coach you are leaving. They really dont care as much as you think they do. What if you were injured? Youd be out anyway.
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  2. listen bro,i think you shouldn’t quit. just because u came to high school and found out that there are better player than you,is not reason good enough or just because some girl some sh*t.know what i think u should do is to wake up tomorrow and find a way to be better than those guys and to have fun doing it cuz that the thing if dont have fun there is no point doing it.what inspire you in the first place?maybe u lost it,just try to find it again 🙂
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  3. You must weigh the pros and cons of quiting. Do you wish to be a pro one day? Or take it to a higher level like college soccer? If so then it’s worth it to stick it out, because all those years will be for the better. If not then quit. Maybe play that game and see how it goes, but you can’t keep pushing yourself for long. Maybe join a church team or one at your local YMCA. Some gyms offer non-profit sports teams for people who want to be in a sport but can’t anywhere else. Check your options them weigh them out before you do anything drastic. Maybe join a different sport. It may be hard, but not too hard because you’re already fit from soccer.
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