Should i quit club soccer?

i’m 14 and i’ve been playing soccer since i was 4 years old. i used to love soccer so much but now all the passion i once had for it is gone. When I was younger i was a reallyy good soccer player because i naturally had really good skill. i would juke everyone and my coaches were always pretty impressed which was the one thing i could hold above everyone at that age. now that i’ve gotten older and soccer has become so much more competitive i feel like everyone is getting better while i’m getting worse. i’m one of the slowest people on my team but i honestly don’t know how to make myself faster! i’m just not a runner which is why i used to always use my skill instead. now other player’s skill has gotten just as good as mine but if i’m not fast then my skills are no good anyways. i used to play full games with never being subbed, but now i’m lucky to play half a game..our state cup tournament i played all of 10 minutes and it was the worst feeling in the world. every practice and game just ruins my self esteem and i want to cry every time. the thing is my soccer team and i are so close because i’ve been playing with all of them since 2nd grade. this season i was so close to quitting, but i couldn’t get myself to do it yet so i’m playing for this season but i have no motivation to play. I really don’t know how to get more playing time either, i show up to every practice and work hard while half the players slack off yet play the entire game. theres some players who don’t even show up to practice but still play. the girl that plays the same position as me is one of the best players on the team which sucks, but she misses half our games & practices for another sport but she plays wayyy longer than me! i’m not going to talk to my coach because i’d feel uncomfortable but its just unfair. my club coach seems to like me a lot so i know its not because he favors other players more. for highschool soccer i played every minute of every game even tho i was a freshmen and some juniors on the team rarely played. it got my confidence up so much but right when i got back into club soccer it all went away. i still plan on doing high school soccer so i don’t know if thats all i really need to do. the one reason i’d want to stick with soccer is because i’d stay in shape, and i eat way to much junk food that i wouldn’t burn off otherwise because i rarely can get myself to get up and workout without an organized sport. i’m just to confused to even make a decision on what to do about it because the fire that was once there just isn’t anymore. maybe taking a year off or so might make it come back but i just don’t know

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  1. what team do you play for, sounds like USDL team…

    DON’T QUIT!!! just work your a$$ of you can play..
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  2. Don’t quit because if you have talent, then don’t let it go!!!
    Try to practise again and set your mind to think that you wont give up!
    You’ll see, you’re gonna love it again! 🙂
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